From Blood Orange is an all new wheel series for anyone to enjoy. The new Liam Morgan Pro Series slide wheels! These wheels have one thing in mind, to go sideways. The Liam Morgan Pro series features the all new 84a Liam Morgan Formula urethane that absolutely shreds. Not only is this wheel extremely smooth and true, but they are sugary too. They leave massive thane lines while keeping their shape with the all new “saddle core” from Blood Orange. This lets you shed urethane while the core supports the Liam Morgan Formula thane so you get the most predictable release point and hook up. The 70mm wheel is the largest in the Pro Series and is ready to reach maximum speed. Because of its larger size, the 70mm Pro Series has the fastest roll speed of the series letting you take your stand up slides to new speeds. The 70mm Pro Series wheel features a 32mm contact patch with a 2.5 offset core. The combination of the two enables you to easily break traction and gives you a very controllable hook up so you’ll never be bucked off your board. If it’s time to take your stand up slides to the third digit, the 70mm Liam Morgan Pro Series wheel is exactly what you’ll need.

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Weight 17.8 oz
Dimensions 5.5 x 5.5 x 2 in


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